Rent-To-Own for Gaming PCs

The increasingly popular option of rent-to-own for computers gives consumers options to get gaming computers. This option may help make leasing and potentially owning the products you love more realistic, even with less-than-stellar credit history. Learn the answers to these important questions about accessing rent-to-own gaming PCs below:

  • What are Rent-To-Own Gaming PCs?
  • How Does Rent-To-Own Work for Gaming PCs?
  • What Kinds of Gaming PCs Can You Lease?
  • Who Offers Rent-To-Own for Gaming PCs?
  • FAQs About Rent-To-Own Gaming PCs

What are Rent-To-Own Gaming PCs?

Rent-to-own is a payment plan in which you lease and potentially acquire new electronics from top brands.

The rent-to-own industry became popular in the 1960s for the leasing of household furniture and appliances. Many consumers didn’t qualify for financing because they lacked the credit required, so rent-to-own provided an option that consumers could apply for.

Since then, the lease-to-own industry has grown tremendously, with over 9,200 stores in the U.S. serving over 4.8 million customers annually. Globally, there are an estimated 9,900 rent-to-own stores, a figure that excludes online rent-to-own stores.

Rent-to-own is not the same as other payment options, such as in-store credit or layaway. With in-store credit, the loan is financed by the store, and it accrues interest on the amount owed, which in turn increases the amount you’ll pay for the product. Although the rent-to-own payment option does not accrue interest, there are comparable leasing fees included.

With layaway, you make cash installments toward obtaining an item. However, until the product is paid off, the store maintains possession of the product. Rent-to-own allows you to take the product home with you and begin using it while you make rental payments according to your rental agreement.

Benefits include:

  • Leasing a new gaming PC from notable brands through rental payments without making a huge upfront payment to pay off your item.
  • You may still be able to lease your new gaming PC desktop with less-than-perfect credit scores or past bankruptcies.
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How Does Rent-To-Own Work for Gaming PCs?

A rent-to-own payment option comprises a rental contract with manageable periodic (sometimes weekly or monthly) payments. It may be ideal for customers with less-than-stellar or underdeveloped credit.

A spotless credit score may be required to qualify for in-store credit. The merchant will have to run a credit check to determine your eligibility. Unlike in-store credit, rent-to-own doesn’t accrue interest but does include comparable leasing fees.

It is often difficult for consumers looking to obtain a quality, notable brand gaming PC to use traditional financing options when they lack the appropriate credit or have filed for bankruptcy in the past. Rent-to-own is a great alternative. Contact or head to your nearest rent-to-own store, select your preferred payment plan and if approved, go home with your new gaming computer. Any applicable sales tax is included in the total cost of your lease.

Here are example options that American First Finance offers:

  • Early Buyout Option (EBO) – save on rental fees by paying off your rent-to-own agreement in full early, often within 90 or 101 days, and own the appliance earlier.^
  • Early Purchase Option (EPO) – pay off your rent-to-own agreement after the EBO but before the end of your agreement term.
  • Full payment option – pay for the appliance for the entire term of your rent-to-own agreement.

Perks of Rent-To-Own for Gaming PCs

Access to quality merchandise. Get your high-end gaming PC from a notable brand easier and without making a substantial payment or putting down a security deposit. Pay off your rent-to-own gaming PC in small payments spread over multiple months.

This allows you to get the best-performance PC for gamers on-hand right away. If you acquire some disposable income, you may also opt for the early purchase option and pay the total cost to own the gaming PC.

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Popularity of Rent-To-Own for Gaming PCs

The rent-to-own industry has grown exponentially since its conception in the 1960s. It has become an important sector of the retail industry, generating over $7.6 billion in revenue. According to the Association of Progressive Rental Organization, the average store generates just under $500,000, which speaks to its level of popularity and success. The rent-to-own industry is projected to grow at a rate of $100 million annually.

The Federal Trade Commission did a survey and found that 4.9 percent of U.S. households used rent-to-own agreements to acquire products in the past five years, which also shows how popular the rent-to-own route has become.

Rent-to-own arrangements are available to consumers without good credit. They may provide better access to new, quality new computers and gaming PC desktops from your favorite well-known brands without requiring sizable upfront payment for the item. Lease your next gaming PC with this affordable option.

Although the rent-to-own industry has shown rising trends over the past few years, it gained more prominence in 2020 because of COVID-19 and will continue to grow into the foreseeable future. The market is projected to progress even further through 2025, supported by factors like urbanization, improved GDP, and a boost in internet penetration.

What Kind of Gaming PCs Can You Rent-To-Own?

If approved, lease your preferred gaming desktop computer today without worrying about paying the item off upfront. Rent-to-own may be an opportunity to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience while making rental payments as you go.


Available Rent-To-Own Gaming PCs Items

Type of Gaming PCs: Laptop Gaming PCs

Average Price**: $750 – $1,500

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Type of Gaming PCs: Desktop Gaming PCs

Average Price**: $2,000 – $4,000

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Type of Gaming PCs: Budget Gaming PCs

Average Price**: $1,000 – $2,000

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Laptop Gaming PCs

Gamers who prefer laptops typically enjoy them for their portability and convenience. Gaming laptops offer brute performance on the move and can double as work computers, as well. They’re affordable and more practical for beginner gamers because they don’t involve customization, builds, or the need for additional tools like a gaming monitor, keyboard, or sometimes mouse, which often increase the overall price considerably.

Gaming laptops come in three main configurations:

  • Entry-level – Great for beginners, entry-level gaming laptops feature the basic components and features you need to run most basic gaming titles. They are affordable, easy to use, and cost-friendly.
  • Intermediate – For gamers who have been gaming casually for a while, intermediate laptops are more advanced and can run the latest AAA gaming titles. While they’re a little more expensive, they’re still not too pricey for the average gamer.
  • High-end – For the most avid gamers looking for a top-notch gaming experience, high-end gaming PCs offer the ultimate gaming experience and a premium price tag.

Desktop Gaming PCs

Gaming desktops offer more processing power than laptops, and they are easier to upgrade. The price range is also more diverse. Unlike a gaming laptop, you may upgrade a gaming desktop PC’s individual components, making gaming desktops ideal for gamers who are always chasing adventure with the latest gaming titles.

Desktops for gaming come in numerous configurations depending on their size. Each configuration is designed for varying gaming and storage requirements.

  • Micro ATX – Micro ATX computers come with a CPU that supports the bare necessities. This gaming PC is good for basic gaming but might struggle to run some more demanding titles. They are perfect for entry-level gamers.
  • Mini ATX – The mini ATX’s motherboard can support more features and has better upgrade capacity than Micro ATX computers. It is considered an intermediate-level gaming PC.
  • Standard ATX – For gamers who want the full gaming experience, Standard ATX is your ideal choice. You can also go for an Extended ATX, which is perfect for top-tier gaming as well as handling other demanding tasks such as video editing or coding.

Budget Gaming PCs

Budget PCs for gaming are perfect for gaming lovers who are on a tight budget. While they aren’t the fanciest, budget gaming computers get the job done. Usually, these basic gaming PCs will come with the features and configurations necessary to game, but there’s not much to choose from in terms of types. However, at different phases, there are numerous feature configurations that make it easier to find something that balances value for money and performance.

Apply for a Rent-To-Own Gaming PC Near You

Finding traditional financing with a low credit score is often challenging. Even if you are approved, the interest rates are not competitive enough and may make carrying out payments difficult or put you in more debt.

If you can’t access traditional financing, buying a great gaming computer may be very difficult. Explore your options, and don’t settle for substandard, second-hand options that won’t perform as expected.

Rent-to-own payment options may allow you to lease and potentially own new, notable PC brands.

American First Finance is a leading payment solutions company. American First Finance payment solutions† are available to consumers without pristine credit. Consumers without pristine credit may be able to expand their shopping options through American First Finance.

Rent-To-Own Gaming PCs Options in Summary

Rent-to-own is a flexible payment plan that is often available to consumers with low credit scores. If approved, it allows them to access gaming PCs from leading manufacturers with affordable renewable rental payments without a huge cash commitment.

This type of rental-purchase agreement gives you the freedom to acquire the PC of your dreams and make rental payments periodically. Most of the leading stores with great gaming PCs in stock have rent-to-own options.

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Apply for a Rent-To-Own Gaming PC Online

American First Finance has partnered with numerous merchants across the U.S. to give you options† when applying for rent-to-own gaming merchandise.
You can apply for rent to own through our website easily and conveniently. Use our Merchant Search tool* to find a store near you and fill out the application online. The application process is quick, and you can review your payment options, checkout, and start your rent-to-own agreement the moment you’re approved.

Rent-to-Own Gaming PCs FAQs

If it’s your first time exploring the rent-to-own option, these frequently asked questions may help you get a better idea of how it works.


Q: What Does Rent-To-Own Mean?

A: Rent-to-own is a flexible payment option that is available to people with bad credit. If approved, it allows them to lease and potentially own products without a huge cash payment. If approved, it may enable people with less-than-stellar credit scores to access the products or services they seek.


Q: What Credit Score Qualifies for Rent-To-Own?

A: Your credit score may not be the only consideration during your rent-to-own application, making the service more accessible to people with less-than-stellar or underdeveloped credit.


Q: How Can I Apply for Rent-To-Own Gaming PCs?

A: You can apply for rent-to-own gaming PC options right here on our website. Not everyone will be approved, but having bad credit doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be denied. Your credit may be checked, but having no or a low credit score doesn’t necessarily disqualify you.


Q: Where Can I Shop for a Rent-To-Own Gaming PC?

A: American First Finance payment options are available in hundreds of participating locations across the U.S. for our customers to choose from.