Point-of-Sale Payment Solutions

Flexible Payment Options for when Life hits.

Read on to find intelligent POS flexible payment solutions made for customers – not their credit scores.*

*Credit may be checked. Subject to standard underwriting criteria.


Our flexible payment solutions.

Give your customers access to more products and more control over how much they want to spend. As an American First Finance Merchant Partner, you’ll get to choose exactly which flexible payment solutions you want to offer.

Rent-to-Own Payment Solutions

Give your customers access to the products they deserve with personalized income-based repayment plans.

Retail Installment Sale Agreement

Offer product or service financing and receive installment payments from your customers directly in your store.

Bank Loan Products

Empower your shoppers with Secure & Unsecured loan options to help them access funds for larger transactions.

American First Finance for eCommerce

Leverage the intelligence of our eComm plugin to convert more website shoppers and increase your Average Order Value.

Our comprehensive product suite allows us to connect eligible customers with the right flexible payment solution products according to State & Federal laws and regulations.

Do you own a network of stores?

Great!  We’ll get each store set up based on the flexible payment solutions you choose and the local jurisdiction.

Our Partners enjoy premium access to thousands of engaged consumers actively searching for the products they carry.

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By The Numbers

Flexible payment solutions are a win-win-win. Your eligible customers get the products they want, you get the sale, and everyone can enjoy the benefits of a quality partnership.

More Transactions 

Millions of Americans are credit challenged. But every shopper wants to become a customer.

Higher AOV

Better approvals = better products for customers and your bottom line.

New Customers

Get the benefit of new, targeted customers driven by Flexible Payment Solutions.

Woman Looks At Lamp Price

Access to New Shoppers

Get premium access to engaged shoppers in your vertical.

Flexible Payment Solutions can drive new, targeted customers to our Partners – online or off. Engage with in-funnel customers as they actively seek to make a purchase.

Increase Transactions & Grow AOVs

Low up-front payments mean more product options. Give your customers access to a range of high-quality products and watch your average order value grow.

Flexible Payment Solutions lead to more sales, with higher ticket prices.

Woman Talking With Salesman
Couple Looking Over Furniture Price

Boost Customer Lifetime Value 

Happy customers lead to repeat business – we’ve seen this first-hand. Continue to build your customer loyalty by giving them new options to overcome old challenges.

And watch loyal customers return to get more access to the products they know and trust.

Now Serving #51

Flexible Payment Solution options are now available for consumers in all 50 states & Puerto Rico.

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