About Us

A Better Yes for All!

There are a lot of options these days for customers without pristine credit. So why create yet another one? Because finding ways to give people A Better Yes just feels downright good.

Since day 1, American First Finance has been committed to helping millions of people get what they need exactly how, where, and when they need it the most. That’s what we do. We innovate. We create relationships. We strive to create more value for our customers. After all, there is always better and we intend to be the ones making it that way.

Online or in-store, ask yourself which payment solution stands apart from the crowd. With so many solutions that have done the same thing for the last six years, ask yourself who is really committed to innovating “A Better Yes”. The variety of products we offer, our ever-evolving technology, and our people say it all.

Go with confidence when you go with American First Finance, a downright “Better Yes”.