Empower your customers with better payment options.

Turn casual browsers into loyal customers with intelligent point-of-sale payment solutions.

American First Finance partners with thousands of Merchants across North America to provide payment solutions to eligible and engaged consumers. Our team of 1,000+ employees strives daily to support our Merchant Partner businesses and find new ways to help influence the KPIs that matter to you.


Here’s what you can expect when working with American First Finance:


Easy integration, world-class support and no downtime with our dedicated partner support team.


Take advantage of our simple, effective training and get promotional materials for your store.


Enjoy access to hundreds of loyal American First Finance customers through strategic marketing initiatives.


Drive new business directly to your store and increase the Lifetime Value of existing customers.

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By The Numbers

American First Finance’s Payment Solutions are a win-win-win. Eligible customers get the products they want, you generate more transactions, and American First Finance earns a new Merchant Partner.

And you get to watch your bottom line grow.

More Transactions

Turn eager shoppers into loyal customers with more payment resources.

Higher AOV

Better approvals = better products for customers and your bottom line.

New Customers

Get hundreds of new, targeted customers driven by American First Finance.

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Access to New Shoppers

Get premium access to engaged shoppers in your vertical.

American First Finance drives new, targeted customers to our Partners – online or off. Engage with high-intent potential customers while actively seeking to make a transaction.

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Increase Average Order Values

Lower up-front payments means more product options. Give your customers access to a range of high-quality products and watch your average order value grow.

American First Finance Payment options lead to more sales, with higher ticket prices.

Boost Customer LifeTime Value

Happy customers lead to repeat business – we’ve seen this first-hand. Continue to build your customer loyalty by giving them new options to overcome old challenges.

And watch loyal customers return to get more access to the products they know and trust.

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