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*Note all mail regarding payments, approvals, or credit disputes should be directed here:  P.O. Box 565848  Dallas, TX 75356

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does “No Credit Needed” mean?

A: “No Credit Needed” means that you may be approved for financing or leasing without a credit score or credit history. Applicants with poor, or even no credit, may be approved, but credit is checked as part of the application process. Your credit score is not the sole consideration for qualification. You are invited to apply, no matter what your credit history is!

Q: What Is a Credit Check?

A: A typical credit check is when American First Finance or another company views your history of credit, other accounts, and credit score with a consumer reporting agency, also known as a credit bureau.

Q: Does American First Finance check credit?

A: Yes, unless you have already applied through American First Finance within the past 30 days. When you apply for a product, American First Finance may check your credit using a hard credit inquiry (also known as a “hard credit pull”), which may influence your credit score. A hard inquiry occurs when a company with whom you have applied for reviews your credit report, history of applying for credit, payment history, and your credit score as part of their decision-making process.

Q: What is the FinWise Bank installment loan?

A: The FinWise Bank installment loan is an installment loan originated by FinWise Bank and serviced by American First Finance. Because American First Finance services FinWise Bank installment loans, please contact American First Finance regarding any questions about your FinWise Bank installment loan.

Q: What credit reporting agencies do American First Finance report to?

A: We report to TransUnion, Clarity Services, Inc., and Data X, Ltd***. Because of this, your account with American First Finance will not show up on your Experian or Equifax credit report.

Q: How often does American First Finance report to credit bureaus?

A: We send updates to credit bureaus once a month. All product types are reported to credit bureaus except for new Lease-to-Own accounts, effective January 1, 2024. American First Finance will no longer report to the credit bureaus for any lease-to-own accounts opened through American First Finance on or after this date. American First Finance will continue to report to credit bureaus for any lease-to-own accounts opened before this day that were previously reported on. This change does not impact AZ, CA, and FL, given that credit reporting for lease-to-own accounts originated in these states has been previously discontinued.

Q: How long does it take for my credit report to be updated?

A: American First Finance reports all payment history details to select credit reporting agencies* no less than once (1) per month. This may take approximately 45 days to reflect on your credit  report.

Q: How can I get a copy of my credit report?

A: A free copy of your credit report is available annually at

Q: My credit score is lower than I expected.

A: There could be multiple factors impacting your credit score, some of which may be entirely unrelated to activity through American First Finance. American First Finance reports account information accurately to the credit reporting agencies and is not a credit reporting agency itself. For more information, please contact the involved credit reporting agency directly.

Q: I missed a payment; can you make a courtesy adjustment and remove it from my credit report?

A: No. American First Finance reports* accounts accurately and according to regulatory  requirements. The information we report is required to be complete and accurate. Accordingly, we will not modify accurate credit reporting as a courtesy.

Q: Why does American First Finance report my account as ‘closed’ after I paid it off in full?

A: American First Finance is required to report accounts that are paid off in full as ‘closed/paid in full.’ For example, an installment loan is a type of credit account which is considered ‘closed’ when repaid in full.

Q: What if there is incorrect information on my credit report?

A: If you believe that any information contained in your credit report is not accurate, you may dispute it and request that the information is reviewed for accuracy. Contact the appropriate credit bureau immediately to report incorrect information. You may also notify American First Finance.

Q: How do I report incorrect information on my credit report?

A: If you believe that any information contained in your credit report is incomplete or inaccurate, an easy way to file your dispute is online through credit reporting agencies.

transunion logo
Credit Report: 1-833-395-6941

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Credit Report: 1-866-390-3118

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Credit Report: 1-800-295-4790


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