What Stores Offer Rent-to-Own Furniture?

Rent-to-own (RTO) furniture provides an affordable way to get stylish furnishings into your home now without significant upfront costs if approved.* Also known as lease-purchase agreements, a rent-to-own option allows you to make incremental payments over a period of time until the furniture is paid off. Without having to cover the considerable upfront cost all at once, rent-to-own may open up options to furnish your living room, dining room, bedroom, and more.

What is Rent-to-Own Furniture?

Rent-to-own furniture is a way to acquire (if approved) your home’s mattresses, sofas, and other furnishings. Instead of remitting the total cash cost upfront, you agree to multiple payments over time, with some additional fees added. It’s a lease-to-purchase agreement where you pay on a schedule until the balance of the merchandise is paid off completely. Rent-to-own can be a flexible way to acquire the furniture you desire in your home now while paying gradually over time.

Benefits of Rent-to-Own Furniture

Rent-to-own furniture offers some perks:

  • Immediate use and enjoyment of new furniture: You can take the furniture home right away instead of waiting. Use and enjoy your items while paying for them over time.
  • Flexible payment options: RTO can be a payment plan that works best with your budget and doesn’t require all the total cost at once.
  • More manageable: Paying all cash upfront can be too costly for some. Rent-to-own lets you spread payments out.
  • Keep it off your credit card: It gives you more options than paying all at once with a credit card.
  • Return options: If you change your mind or don’t want to own the furniture, you can return it with limited fees.

What Stores Offer Rent-to-Own Furniture?

There are many options for lease-to-own furniture programs both online and in stores across the U.S. As a note, where you get a lease may determine where you can shop.

Rent-to-Own Furniture Online

Those with poor credit may have challenges getting traditional banks or lenders to help them with large purchases per Investopedia. Flexible lease payments allow the acquisition of quality items without loans or lump-sum cash outlays, and while credit score may be checked, no credit is needed^ to apply. Simply find the furniture store near you in our store finder, and then apply online within minutes for a decision**, though approvals are not guaranteed.


Rent-to-own furniture is an alternative option for paying all upfront and at once. This option allows you to pay an agreed-upon set of payments over a period of time. Benefits for rent-to-own include instant use, spreading the total cost of an item over time, and, if you don’t want to own the item, return options. Major furniture stores may provide rent-to-own payment options online and in their stores. When selecting a retailer for your rent-to-own furniture, remember to do your homework and compare payments, early payoff policies, selection, delivery, fees, and if there’s a required or set credit score needed.