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Integration Steps

Our Team is Here to Support Your eCommerce Needs.

Building out your eCommerce website was stressful enough, there is no need to relive that stress when adding a no credit needed solution option for your customers to use. We are here to support the addition of this important functionality to your existing or new website project. In a few easy steps, we can get you up and running - often in less than a day!

The first thing you need to do is fill out our Merchant Partner Application. This will allow us to get your API keys, your Dealer ID, and other important information that is required to accept applications from your customers. At this point you will be assigned a contact person that will help guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

After you hear from our Integration Team, we can get you the plugin that you need in order to install it on your website. We will provide the plugin in an easy to install package that you can simply add to your site thorugh the standard plugin installation method that comes pre-built in your web site. At this point we will also provide your development team with any documentation that they need for their part of the integration.

If you are using our Cart Cash version (good choice by the way!), we will send you a few lines of code that you will need to place withn the head of your website. These lines of code will be copy-paste, but we do recommend that a developer add the code.

If your integration is a completely custom build, we will introduce you to our development team that will be supporting you. You will have a team of developers that is ready to assist you up to, and beyond, the go live day of your custom integration. We will also provide your internal team with any API documentation that they need. Our API suite is extremely robust and is built to provide best-in-class service and security for your customers.

Launch your no credit needed application process on your website! You’re done and now your customers will be happier now that they don’t have to shop and abandon their carts when they don’t have the funds available to buy immediately.

Go with confidence when you go with American First Finance, a downright "Better Yes."

eCommerce Integrations - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cart Cash?

Our team of developers spent countless hours building a universal option to add no credit needed financing to any website’s checkout process. With only a few lines of code and a banner selection, your site can be up and running in a matter of a few minutes taking applications for financing. All without forcing your customer to leave your site, or your cart.

What is required to accept applications?

After you fill out the merchant partner application, you will be given a Dealer ID, access to our API documentation if needed, and any installation files/code that is required for your solution to be added to your site. A quick and painless process for you, and a seamless integration for your customers!

Do I get a dedicated contact person?

With American First Finance, you get more than a dedicated contact person, you get access to a team of developers, designers, account executives, customer support professionals, a call center, and a merchant support team. All ready to take care of you at a moment’s notice. We are here to support you and your customers with "A Better Yes!"

Can you share the API?

Yes, once you have your Dealer ID and have signed the NDA, you will have access to our full suite of APIS designed from the ground up to quickly integrate with your eCommerce or In-store platforms.

Can you create sandbox credentials for the vendor?

Yes, we can create sandbox credentials and give you access to the full suite of tools that for your particular implementation, both in-store and online.

Can you share the test data to trigger stipulations and denials?

Yes, we can create sandbox credentials and give you access to the full suite of tools that for your particular implementation, both in-store and online.

Can you use (vendor) instead of the Merchant?

Unfortunately, we are unable to use the vendor instead of the Merchant.

Can we host the stipulation experience inside of our experience?

Depending on the type of integration, yes you can. It does require the custom implementation in order to allow the stipulations to be self-hosted.

Do you have a prequalification endpoint? Marketing vs. true prequalification.

Our API suite includes a prequal endpoint that will allow your customers to be truly prequalified during their application process.