Financing Television with Bad Credit

Whether you view your TV as a fixture in American culture or a way to access entertainment and unwind after a long day, a new TV can potentially be a fun purchase.

Financing TVs with bad credit, however, could make getting that new big screen a bit daunting. However, it may be possible to get lending for a new TV even with less-than-stellar credit history. In this article, you will learn about the essential aspects of bad credit TV financing below:

  • What Exactly Is Bad Credit TV Financing?
  • Does “No Credit Check” Mean the Same as “No Credit Needed”?
  • Where is TV Financing for Bad Credit Available?
  • Who Can Get TV Financing, and How Do I Apply?
  • FAQs About Bad Credit TV Financing

Bad Credit TV Financing – What is it?

Bad Credit Financing is the term used to describe the options for securing credit even when someone may have bad credit. Some bad credit financing providers offer pay-over-time plans or unique repayment tools to help consumers access financing to get what they want and need.

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No Credit Check vs. No Credit Needed TV Financing

There is a difference between “no credit check” financing and “no credit needed” financing, though they sound similar. Understanding the difference can be helpful when making a choice for your financial situation.


No Credit Check vs. No Credit Needed

  • No Credit Check is when someone’s credit will not be pulled.
  • No Credit Needed refers to the fact that your credit score may be checked, but there are other factors that are part of the approval requirements.


Keep in mind that there is no guarantee of financing with either bad credit financing or no credit check financing, but alternative lenders may take more than your credit score into consideration.

What Kind of TVs Can Be Financed with Bad Credit?

It used to be that you could only get a black-and-white TV, and then came the changes with the addition of color television. Now we’re in the days of LED TVs and other technology-influenced TV options. With today’s options, it’s helpful to know what types of televisions are available to finance.

You might be wondering: Is a lease the same as a loan?

A lease and a loan are quite different – here’s one differentiating detail:

    • A loan (or personal loan) is generally a lump sum of funds provided on the recipient’s behalf that is paid back over time (and, like most loans, includes interest.)
    • A lease (or lease-to-own option) allows the recipient to possess the leased item for a pre-determined period of time and can include the option to purchase the item outright. It does not include interest but has leasing fees.

Financing Televisions with Bad Credit

OLED and 4K UHD TVs are the latest trends, but there are many different models and features to choose from. Whether it is outdoor entertainment or standard living room TV watching, below are common forms of TVs on the market to explore.

Type of TVs: LED TVs

Product Brands: Samsung®, SONG®, LG®

Average Price**: $590

Retail Stores: Target, BestBuy, Amazon

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Type of TVs: SMART TVs

Product Brands: Amazon® Fire TV, ROKU® TVs, AppleTV®

Average Price**: $600

Retail Stores: Amazon, Target, BestBuy

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Type of TVs: Projection TVs

Product Brands: Epson®, Sony®, JVC®

Average Price**: $1,000

Retail Stores: BestBuy, Target, Amazon

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Screen resolution has come a long way in the last few years, and an LED TV is often what you will purchase when you get a new Sony, Samsung, or LG TV. You can find a TV at many retailers but just a reminder that quality and longevity is important.

With so many options, it may be helpful to know what brands and types of TVs are highly rated. Some popular brands include:

  • Samsung®
  • LG®
  • Sony®
  • Vizio®

Smart TVs

Some consumers are looking to finance a new Smart TV – and it can be a smart move to finance a smart TV. All jokes aside, SmartTVs have capabilities consumers may want. Some Smart TVs options include:

  • Apple® Smart TV
  • Roku® TVs
  • Amazon® Fire TV

Projection TVs

Often used in basements, man caves, backyards, or in movie theater rooms, projection TVs are another type of television. While they can be generally viewed as pricey, they offer a large viewing screen. As a note, there may be some challenges for using a projector TV as it is important to have the right size room for this type of viewing experience.

Projector brands include:

  • Epson®
  • Sony®
  • JVC®
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Applying for TV Financing with Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, you might feel like your options are limited when applying for TV financing. But the good news is there are options and alternate lenders that may be able to help in terms of financing, even with a less-than-stellar credit score.

Bad Credit TV System Financing in Summary

While some may view a new television set as more of a want than a need, it is customary in some American homes to have a large TV set as the focal point of a home for gatherings and family time. Securing an item like a TV in your home shouldn’t be dictated by your credit history.

Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or even no credit, options* for financing a new TV may be available.

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Financing TVs With Bad Credit: FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions for financing TVs with bad credit:


Q: What Qualifies as “Bad Credit” Financing?

A: Traditionally, a fair to low credit score is viewed as anything below 670, making it difficult to figure out financing. Bad credit financing refers to extending credit or financing to a consumer even when they have a less-than-stellar credit history.


Q: What Credit Score Is Required to Get Financing?

A: Industry benchmarks for traditional financing can be determined by an individual’s credit history or credit score – which often needs to be considered “good.” This is called prime lending, and your credit rating is the basis for determining how well you’re rated. Because alternate lenders evaluate consumers on more than just a credit score, there is still the possibility to qualify for a loan even with a low credit score, or no credit score.


Q: Where’s the Best Place to Finance Televisions?

A: If you are looking to finance a television, find the best option that fits your needs. Many retailers may offer in-house financing, but alternate lenders may be a good option if your credit is low or you have no credit history.


Q: How Can I Finance Televisions With Bad Credit?

A: You can apply for TV financing through our website. Although not every applicant may be approved, bad credit does not automatically mean you will be denied, as other factors are considered beyond a credit score. Although your credit may be checked, having a low credit score does not necessarily disqualify you. To apply, select your preferred store near you,*and then you can apply directly through our website.


Q: Where Can I Use My TV Financing if Approved?

A: There are many electronic retailers and other types of stores for consumers to choose from. Use our Merchant Search tool* to locate one of our merchant partner stores near you and apply for financing online in minutes.