Rent-to-Own for Beds

Rent-to-own beds have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing consumers with more choices than ever before. Even with a less-than-stellar credit history, this option may be able to make furnishing your bedroom with the items you love more realistic. Learn more about these key aspects of obtaining a rent-to-own bed below:

  • What are Rent-To-Own Beds?
  • How Does Rent-to-Own Work for Beds?
  • What Kinds of Beds Can You Lease?
  • Who Offers Rent-to-Own for Beds?
  • FAQs About Rent-to-Own Beds

What are Rent-To-Own Beds?

Rent-to-own (or lease-to-own) for beds is a flexible payment plan that allows you to acquire bedroom furniture from notable brands through incremental payments. This rental-purchase agreement may help you get the bedroom furniture you need, so you can enjoy a great night’s sleep without paying the total cost upfront.

The total price paid for rent to own products is higher than the cash price, but if you’re strapped for cash, this arrangement may be helpful.

Rent-to-own stores rose in popularity in the late 1960s to solve the credit availability issue, and the sector is now a multibillion-dollar industry. Previously, people relied heavily on bank loans when furnishing their homes, but these loans restricted those with low or no credit scores. Today, merchants and companies like American First Finance offer rent-to-own options to help approved customers obtain the products they need despite poor credit history.

With a rental agreement, a credit-challenged consumer may be able to choose a bed for any room in their home without requiring the cash value upfront. A customer with limited credit could potentially use a rent-to-own bed approval to get a bed from a top brand and subsequently take full ownership of the merchandise upon completion of their scheduled payments.

How Does Rent-to-Own Work for Beds?

A rent-to-own bed option is defined according to a rental-purchase agreement that enables you to obtain beds and other furniture by agreeing to periodic payments toward a lease over time.

A rent-to-own agreement allows you to take the item home once you’ve been approved and signed the agreement while you pay toward the cost of the lease through periodic payments. The consumer gets to possess the merchandise, although it belongs to the merchant, until you pay for it in full (and take ownership).

Be sure to always be clear on the terms of a contract before agreeing. Some contracts have specific terms that may allow customers with a rent-to-own agreement to take full ownership of the rental product. With American First Finance, approved consumers looking for a rent-to-own option generally have three options for ownership.†

Take a look at what’s available below:

  • Early Buyout Option (EBO) – save on rental fees by paying off your rent-to-own agreement in full early, often within 90 or 101 days, and own the appliance earlier.^
  • Early Purchase Option (EPO) – pay off your rent-to-own agreement after the EBO but before the end of your agreement term.
  • Full payment option – pay for the appliance for the entire term of your rent-to-own agreement.

You should also note that you’ll be responsible for any additional costs, such as tax and rental fees, which may raise the total cost of the item. Unlike traditional options, a rent-to-own plan doesn’t carry any interest rates.

woman examining mattress in store

Key Components of Rent-To-Own Bedroom Furniture

  • Brand new beds – You may be able to access quality beds from notable brands without a huge cash outlay or waiting to save up. Monthly payments will vary.
  • Upgrade your lifestyle – The lease agreement lets you upgrade your life by furnishing your home with quality pieces from notable brands in the country.

A rent-to-own store may have a diverse collection of furniture in stock for each room in your house. The selection will vary between merchants, but many offer free delivery to your location, depending on product availability. If a rent-to-own store in your area doesn’t have the piece you want in stock, you may also visit another store within the American First Finance network.

Study the details when signing new agreements to understand the terms, the products in stock, the final price, and how much money you’ll have paid for the item using a rent-to-own plan.

man holding up corner of mattress and evaluating

Popularity of Rent-To-Own for Beds

More and more people utilize rent to own each year to furnish their homes. American First Finance may be able to help you rent furniture from many brands and obtain a price agreement.†

Lease agreements are often looked upon by consumers as better deals as compared to layaways. Since the rent-to-own deals let you use the merchandise immediately, the convenience makes this option attractive.

You don’t need large amounts of cash to begin furnishing any room in your house with notable brands from a rent-to-own store. Unlike other options, this plan lets you use the merchandise before it’s fully paid off. With American First Finance’s rent-to-own plans†, you may be able to begin using your new bedroom sets within the first week.

Some retailers offer promotions after signing new agreements, such as free same or next-day delivery to your residence. So be sure to take advantage of the promotional deals.

What Kind of Beds Can You Rent-To-Own?

Beds come in all shapes, styles, and price points to meet varied sleeping needs. With rent-to-own plans, you may be able to fill any bedroom in your house with notable brands. From upholstered bed styles to memory foam.


Available Rent-To-Own Beds

Some of the commonly leased bedroom furniture include twin, double, bunk beds, queen, and king bed options. You may be able to have your pick from some of the notable brands in stock at participating locations.

Type of Bed: King Bed

Average Price**: $500 – $3,000

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Type of Bed: Queen Bed

Average Price**: $400 – $2,500

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Type of Bed: Double Bed

Average Price**: $300 – $2,000

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Type of Bed: Twin Bed

Average Price**: $200 – $1,500

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Type of Bed: Bunk Bed

Average Price**: $500 – $1,400

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King Sized Beds

King-size beds are spacious to allow at least two people to sleep comfortably through the night. They’re essential for people who need more sleeping room and may be expensive because they use the widest mattresses on the market. Low monthly payments allow you to choose a high-quality bed and improve sleep quality.

There are a variety of king-sized beds on the market, including:

  • Canopy beds – They have a canopy that’s hung with curtains to keep the bed warm while enhancing privacy.
  • Four-poster beds – These are classy designs with four vertical columns that radiate style and sophistication.
  • Platform beds – These designs are usually closer to the ground and support the mattress without a box spring.

Abbyson Living, Finch, Alder Bay, Boyd Sleep, and Armen Living are some notable manufacturers of king-size beds.

Notable 10 King Size Bed Manufacturers

  1. Abbyson Living
  2. Adore Décor
  3. Alder Bay
  4. Boyd Sleep
  5. Armen Living
  6. ClickDecor
  7. Emma Oliver
  8. eLuxury
  9. Finch
  10. Inspire Q
store mattress display with bedframes

Queen Sized Beds

Queen-size beds are an excellent choice for couples who wish to share a bed and sleep comfortably through the night. This type of bed is well worth the investment for the comfort it offers and for ensuring your back is protected.

Queen-size beds come in various designs, including:

  • Spindle beds – They have a vintage design with delicate spool details in the head and footboard.
  • Sleigh beds – They have a timeless design with a headboard and a footboard that curves outward to resemble a sleigh.
  • Slat beds – They use a series of wooden bars lying across the width of the bed frame to support the mattress.

Adore Décor, Aiden Lane, Abbyson Living, Armen Living, and Atlantic Furniture are some notable manufacturers of queen-bedroom set options.

Notable 10 Queen Bed Manufacturers

  1. Adore Décor
  2. Aiden Lane
  3. Abbyson Living
  4. Armen Living
  5. Atlantic Furniture
  6. Boraam
  7. Emerald Home
  8. Glenwillow Home
  9. Liberty Furniture
  10. Linon
queen size freshly made white bed

Twin Sized Beds

Twin beds are a necessity when you have children. Low monthly payments may allow you to get all the beds you need to keep your children safe and comfortable.

There are two main types of twin beds:

  • A standard twin bed frame is 75-inches long and 38-inches wide and is common in children’s bedrooms
  • A Twin XL bed frame is 38-inches wide and 80-inches long. It has more legroom, uses a mattress that’s 5″ long, and is commonly used in guestrooms.

Acme Furniture, Baxton Studio, Benzara, Brookside Home, and Bold Tones are some notable manufacturers of twin beds.

Notable 10 Twin Bed Manufacturers

  1. Acme Furniture
  2. Baxton Studio
  3. Benzara
  4. Brookside Home
  5. Christopher Knight Home
  6. CorLiving
  7. Costway
  8. DHP
  9. Eco Dream
  10. Bold Tones
kids twin size bed and bedroom

Apply for a Rent-To-Own Bed Near You

Many homeowners with less-than-perfect credit are frequently denied traditional loans. As a result, people resort to searching for cheap deals from thrift stores and second-hand options. While used furniture lets you take ownership quicker, it often has a shorter lifespan.

Furniture from notable brands is classy, stylish, and durable. American First Finance helps shoppers access a wide selection of beds at a great price by partnering with retailers across the United States.

To get started, use our merchant search tool* to find a store location near you. You may be able to apply and get a decision online. Be sure to accurately complete your application. During the application process, American First Finance may run a credit check.

Rent-To-Own Bed Options in Summary

You may be able to use a lease-to-own payment plan to acquire high-quality beds and other household furniture with low monthly payments. And you may be able to get approved by American First Finance without a credit score, but the lender may check your credit history.

The application process takes a few minutes to let approved borrowers furnish their homes quickly. Upon approval by American First Finance, you may select from a vast network of rent-to-own stores in your neighborhood. You may be able to have your pick from a diverse range of quality beds and bedroom pieces to suit your taste and style.

hand pushing into cushy mattress

Apply for a Rent-To-Own Bed Online

American First Finance works with a vast network of rent-to-own merchants spread across 44 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico to help you pay for the furniture you need in your bedroom.†

With the help of innovative technology, we’ve simplified the application process through our website for quicker approval.

Simply find rent-to-own merchants near your location using our merchant locator tool* and submit your application. Our verification process is fast and efficient, and you’ll find out in minutes if you’re approved.

Rent-to-Own Bed FAQs

Rent-to-own payment plans increase accessibility when you have limited options. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about this flexible payment option.


Q: What Does Rent-To-Own Mean?

A: Rent-to-own is a flexible payment plan that lets you acquire goods such as furniture with low monthly payments. It grants you immediate access to the products without requiring a security deposit or locking you into a long-term contract.


Q: What Credit Score Qualifies for Rent-To-Own?

A: Rent-to-own is a payment option catering to consumers with less-than-perfect credit. Rent-to-own lenders may consider credit scores, making the service more accessible to those who need it the most. And reputable lenders such as American First Finance may be able to approve applications with no credit scores but may check credit history. An American First Finance approval may also help to improve credit availability to let you furnish any room in your house.

Find a participating store near you with our merchant search tool*


Q: How Can I Apply to Rent-To-Own a Bed?

A: If you need a rent-to-own bed, you can apply right here on our website. Not everyone will be approved, but a bad credit score won’t automatically disqualify you. Your credit may be checked, but having no or a low credit score doesn’t necessarily disqualify you. You can apply directly in minutes after selecting a local store.


Q: Where Can I Shop for a Rent-To-Own Bed?

A: Our customers are able to choose from hundreds of locations throughout the country with American First Finance.† You can use our Merchant Search tool to find a store close to you, apply for rent to own online, and receive an answer right away.