Who is American First Finance?

American First Finance, LLC, is a leading consumer financial & FinTech company that provides alternatives to traditional retail lending and payment solutions to support businesses and financially underserved consumers.

Our technology uses a proprietary underwriting system that helps approved consumers receive an offer customized directly to their creditworthiness. We aim to provide our customers with payment solutions that may give them more access and shopping options than traditional lenders might.


American First Finance Arbitration Provision

All of American First Finance’s consumer-facing agreements include an arbitration provision.

Arbitration agreements are common in consumer-facing agreements and employment contracts. They can be proposed additions to any contract in which one or both parties would like to mitigate the possibility of a future lawsuit. To reduce costs and improve the efficiency of dispute resolution, it is not uncommon for businesses to require their customers to sign an arbitration agreement.

View American First Finance’s updated Arbitration Provision here.


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Litigation & Arbitration

You may be wondering what the difference is between litigation and arbitration.

  • Litigation is the formal legal process in which a court decides the outcome of a dispute.
  • Arbitration, in contrast, resolves disputes by appointing a neutral third party to review a specific case and receive the evidence. Then the elected party will proceed to make a binding, legal decision that can later be enforced in a court of law if necessary.


What is an arbitration agreement?

This is typically a clause in a broader contract in which you agree to dispute outside of court in front of a neutral third-party arbitrator.

In a typical arbitration, a trained professional, and neutral arbitrator acts similarly to a judge who will evoke a decision to end any said dispute. However, arbitration is most often seen as an attractive process because it’s considered a highly flexible process where detailed ground rules are open to negotiation by all parties.

You can view our updated Arbitration Provision here.


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At American First Finance, we strive to provide our customers with great payment options and detailed information to help provide clarity on some of the most common complaints or misunderstandings.

Feedback is one of the ways we’re able to serve you and provide better service. We appreciate the opportunity to use your feedback to provide better service. For more information, please contact our Customer Service team at 855-721-1188. You can also reach out via live chat on our Contact Us page.