Superior Technology

We have a state of the art computer system that allows our company to efficiently and effectively manage the entire customer life cycle of a transaction.  From initial application and underwriting to payment processing and collections our systems are set up to handle all aspects of the transaction.


We provide each merchant with a computer portal that allows for complete management of the customer experience from application to approval and funding.  Then once funded the customer has a customer portal that allows the customer to completely manage their account from viewing due dates to making payments.


Mobile Application

Our consumer application is designed for today’s mobile marketplace.

Ask us how you can leverage the American First Finance technology toolbox to increase throughput and speed of application processing.

Looking for the next big advantage in retail consumer finance? Use American First Finance.


100% browser-based portal to finalize applications into sales. No additional hardware or software required to utilize our programs.

Need in-store signage to promote the program?

American First Finance will pick up the marketing tab.

Let’s get this partnership started!

Dealer Portal

We host a portal where your sales or financing team can log in to finish the sale. We can customize it to look like your company's corporate website, or use your company's branding.

World Class Call Center

We love our retail merchants, their employees, and their customers…

7 days a week!

Life happens. Time is precious. No one likes to wait. American First Finance has “World Class” service levels to ensure we answer your call and help you out. Want “World-Class” service response?