It was awesome and quick! After filling out the short online application I received a positive decision in less than a minute. I was using my new credit line the same day to furnish my son's new apartment.

Nate Washup

The process was fast and easy. What made me the most excited is that I was not judged about my past. Given a second chance to rebuild my credit made me feel like a person and not a number on some spread sheet.

Kenneth Martin

Working with this company was a pleasure. I have experience with the new "leasing to own" furniture companies like AFF, and it is just a pleasure to be able to get the furniture I want now while still paying accordingly later on...

Holloway Dominque

The application process was easy and I was approved quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend America First Finance to my friends.

Andre Smith

The finance company made it easy to get approved I was approved within the first ten minutes after filling out the application I would highly recommend them to family members for sure.

Jesus Avila

My experience has been an easy one. I enjoyed it very much and highly recommend American First Finance.

Lisa Weber-Boyd

I didn't have any problems with the financing. I would recommend this company to my family and friends.

Reddbone Keyah

Awesome, great business and very much helpful. Would recommend to anyone family and friends.

Ron Zarate