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Retail Installment Frequently Asked Questions

What does “No Credit Required” and “FICO® not required for approval” mean?

When applying with the retail merchant for a retail installment contract, it is likely that your credit history or FICO Score will be pulled. However, it is possible to not have a credit history or FICO Score and still receive an approval.

Do I need a certain credit score to get approved?

No. Your credit history is part of the decision process, but a certain score is not required for approval.

Am I required to make a down payment?

In some cases, a down payment may be required at signing. Any down payments you make will be applied to the amount being financed. You have the option to make a down payment, even if not required, if you want to lower your financed amount.

Is this a cash loan?

No. A retail installment contract is a contract between you and the retail merchant for payments in exchange for goods or services. The retail merchant will deliver the goods and services to you according to the installment contract.

Can I pay off early?

Yes, you may pay off your retail installment contract early at any time and you have a couple of options when it comes to this. If you pay off during your Early Payoff Discount period, you can pay the principal amount plus the lesser of accrued finance charges or a small fee (plus late and NSF fees, only if you have them). You may also pay off early after the Early Payoff Discount period by simply paying the accrued finance charges and your principal balance at that time, in addition to applicable late and NSF fees.

Do my payments get reported to the credit bureau(s)?

Yes. Payments are reported to Transunion, Clarity Services, Inc., and Data X each month. This can give you the opportunity to pay on time and have those payments reported to the credit bureau as a means of building credit history over time.