Rent-to-Own for Mattresses

The increasingly popular choice of rent-to-own for mattresses, jewelry, electronics, and other products gives consumers more options than ever before. The opportunity to rent-to-own may make products more accessible to those with poor or no credit history. Read on to learn the answers to these important questions about getting a rent-to-own mattress:

  • Can You Rent-To-Own a Mattress?
  • How Does Leasing-To-Own a Mattress Work?
  • What Kinds of Mattresses Can You Lease?
  • Who Offers Rent-To-Own for Mattresses?
  • FAQs About Rent-To-Own Mattresses

Intro to Rent-To-Own Mattresses

Rent-to-own mattresses are flexible rental-purchase agreements that, if approved, allow people with no or bad credit history to acquire high-quality mattresses to improve their sleep quality. If approved and by agreeing to a rental-purchase agreement, you can get a mattress and pay as you go without paying the total cash price upfront. Please note that rent-to-own agreements often require an initial payment or processing fee.

With rent-to-own mattresses, you make periodic (sometimes semi-monthly, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payments) renewable payments until you pay your rent-to-own agreement in full. Unlike traditional financing agreements, rent-to-own payment plans allow you to get top-brand mattresses without accruing interest or making substantial down payments. Please note that although the rent-to-own model does not include interest, there are usually comparable leasing fees included. Additionally, the rent to own often requires an initial payment or processing fee.

The rent-to-own industry has grown in popularity since its inception in the late 1960s. While banks would offer traditional financing for household items, they often had requirements that made traditional financing less accessible to those with bad credit.

How Does Leasing-To-Own a Mattress Work?

Rent-to-own is also known as lease-to-own. For example, a lease-to-own mattress (or couch, or even an engagement ring, etc.) is a contract consisting of affordable renewable payments that are available to people with bad credit and, if the applicants are approved, may help them get the perfect mattress for their sleeping needs.

Unlike traditional financing, a lease-to-own mattress is not a loan. A lease to own is a leasing agreement that allows you to pay as you go.

If your current mattress, pillow top, and mattress protector are worn out, and you need to get a new one, but you have bad credit or little savings, lease-to-own may be a great solution for you.

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A lease-to-own arrangement means you can take the mattress home with you and use it while you pay it off per the terms of your lease agreement. Many stores allow you to fill out an application in person for a lease-to-own agreement.

With American First Finance, you can also apply right on our website for approval to use at one of our merchant partner stores. If you would like to own the mattress you select, you generally have three options. Here’s an example of what options might look like when using a lease-to-own agreement at one of our partner stores:

  • Early Buyout Option (EBO) – You can make higher payments than dictated in the agreement and own the item in 90 to 101 days by paying off your agreement in full early. This option allows you to save the most on leasing fees.
  • Early Purchase Option (EPO) – You can make full payment for the item before the end of the agreement term but after the EBO.
  • Full payment option – You can pay for the item for the full duration of the lease-to-own agreement.

Popularity of Rent-To-Own for Mattresses

Since its inception, the rent-to-own sector has grown immensely and is offered at more locations each year. This has enabled consumers with low income, bad credit histories, and less-than-perfect credit scores to widen their shopping horizons and access new, top-brand mattresses.

Rent-to-own payment plans often are accessible to consumers. While your credit may be checked to ensure you can commit to payments, a low score or bad history won’t automatically make you ineligible.

In the wake of rising unemployment and tough economic times, most Americans turn to rent-to-own options to get quality mattresses. Many leading mattress stores offer rent-to-own plans by partnering with payment solution providers, like American First Finance.

What Kind of Mattresses Can You Rent-To-Own?

Under the rent-to-own model, you can rent virtually any mattress available within a merchant network. Rent-to-own mattress options can allow you to pick the right mattress for you from a vast selection of top-brand, quality mattresses to improve the quality of your sleep. If approved, this flexible rental-purchase solution allows you to pay as you go through renewable rental payments.


Notable Rent-To-Own Mattresses

Finding the mattress firmness that best suits your needs can be difficult. While a rent-to-own model predisposes you to a wide selection of quality mattresses, picking the best can feel overwhelming. To help you make a better selection, here are notable rent-to-own mattresses according to type, average price, and top stores to shop at.

Type of Mattress: Memory Foam

Average Price**: $600 – $3,500

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Type of Mattress: Innerspring

Average Price**: $500 – $2,000

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Type of Mattress: Hybrid

Average Price**: $1,200 – $2,000

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Type of Mattress: Air Mattress

Average Price**: $1,500 – $2,400

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Type of Mattress: Water Bed

Average Price**: $200 – $2,000

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Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam was invented in the 1970s. Memory foam mattresses combine different density foams to provide support and softness. Foam mattresses are excellent for side sleepers and people who experience joint pain and discomfort. They are more durable than spring mattresses and absorb the motion of restless sleepers for a good night’s sleep.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are a more traditional mattress type, made of layers of coils surrounded by comfort material. The material is made of lantern foam or natural fibers. These mattresses are best for stomach and back sleepers who suffer from lower back pain and heavier people who find less support from memory foam mattresses.

There are two main types of innerspring mattresses:

  • Traditional innerspring – made of interconnected grids of coils covered by a layer of wool or padding.
  • Hybrid innerspring – comprises individually pocketed springs, with one or more layers of foam on top of the pocketed springs. They minimize motion transfer and offer deep compression support than traditional innerspring mattresses.

Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid mattress offers a hybrid composition consisting of layers of foam and springs. They are an excellent option for consumers who are torn between foam and spring mattresses. Hybrid mattresses offer excellent pressure point relief without compromising back support and regulate temperature better than pure foam mattresses.

There are two main types of hybrid mattresses:

  • Nova hybrid – an excellent choice if you want a plush top layer without compromising support and cooling.
  • Wave hybrid – more advanced than the nova hybrid, it has hyper-targeted support combined with active springs that allow better airflow for excellent sleep quality.

Notable Rent-To-Own Mattress Stores in 2024

Many rent-to-own merchants offer both in-store and online applications for mattress leases. American First Finance partners with many well-known national retailers to help give you access to a wide variety of high-quality mattresses available for lease-to-own agreements.

To apply online, just find a store near you and click “apply” to begin.*

Apply for a Rent-To-Own Mattress Near You

Financial institutions and credit unions may consider people with bad credit as high-risk borrowers and find it challenging to offer them loans. Less-than-stellar credit history may make it difficult for consumers to obtain traditional financing.

As a result, some people with bad credit have difficulty funding big-ticket items that often require access to financing. This often leaves no option but to buy low-quality or second-hand mattresses, significantly affecting their product options. Alternatively, a rent-to-own mattress option can be available to them, and if approved, it can allow them to get a high-quality, reliable mattress – despite having bad credit.

American First Finance’s payment solutions are available to consumers with imperfect credit histories, which may provide these consumers access to mattresses from top brands. We offer rent-to-own mattress agreements to approved customers through specific merchant partners to help them get new mattresses through periodic and manageable payments.

American First Finance stands out from some payment option providers since approvals are possible without a credit score, although your credit will be checked. However, American First Finance considers more than just your credit score.

Looking for rent-to-own mattresses? Find a store near you and click “Apply” for an approval decision in minutes.*

Rent-To-Own Mattress Options in Summary

The rent-to-own mattress option is a flexible payment plan that allows approved consumers access to a new mattress from top brands without having to pay the full retail price upfront. Rent-to-own options often require an initial payment or processing fee.

A good mattress can help improve your sleep quality, and a rent-to-own model can offer you a wide array of mattress options. Search our merchant network* to find a mattress store near you.

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Apply for a Rent-To-Own Mattress Online

American First Finance partners with major national retailers to help provide consumers with options when applying for rent-to-own mattresses.

You can apply for a mattress lease through our website for ease and convenience. Simply use our merchant tool to find a store near you* and fill out the application online. The application process takes only a few minutes.

Rent-To-Own Mattress FAQs

While rent-to-own mattress payment plans are popular, there are still common questions regarding how they work:


Q: What Does Rent-To-Own Mean?

A: Rent-to-own is a flexible leasing payment option that may allow people with bad credit to get high-quality products without requiring the full cash price upfront. Rent-to-own options often require initial payments or processing fees. This may help give people with low credit scores or challenged credit histories still get access to merchandise.


Q: What Credit Score Qualifies for Rent-To-Own?

A: American First Finance will check your credit, but your credit score is not the only determining factor. We consider more than just your credit score during our approval process, so there’s not a single credit rating that will ensure approval.


Q: Where is the Best Place to Rent-To-Own Mattresses?

A: American First Finance’s payment options are available in hundreds of store locations across the U.S. for our customers to choose from. Our Merchant Search tool will help you find a store near you, and you can apply for a lease online and get a fast decision.


Q: How Can I Apply to Rent-To-Own a Mattress?

A: You can apply for rent-to-own mattress options right here on our website. Not everyone will be approved, but having bad credit doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be denied. Your credit will be checked, but having no or a low credit score doesn’t necessarily disqualify you.

Just select a store near you and apply online in minutes.*


Q: Where Can I Shop for a Rent-To-Own Mattress?

A: American First Finance has payment options that are available in hundreds of locations across the country. Using our Merchant Search tool, you can locate a store near you and apply for a rent-to-own option online to receive a decision in as soon as minutes.


Q: What Size Mattress Can You Rent-To-Own?

A: All mattress set sizes are available depending on the product availability of your store location. King mattresses, queen mattresses, full mattresses, twin mattresses, and single mattress sizes are all available on a rent-to-own agreement and are subject to store inventory.