Rent-To-Own for MacBooks

The increasingly popular choice of rent-to-own options for MacBooks gives consumers more options than ever before. Getting the products you love (even Apple’s iPhone or a gaming PC) may be more realistic with this option, even if you have a less-than-stellar credit history. Learn the answers to these important questions about getting a rent-to-own MacBook below:

  • What are Rent-To-Own MacBooks?
  • How Does Rent-To-Own Work for MacBooks?
  • What Kinds of MacBooks Can You Lease?
  • Who Offers Rent-To-Own for MacBooks?
  • FAQs About Rent-To-Own MacBooks

What are Rent-To-Own MacBooks?

Rent-to-own is a flexible payment plan that allows you to rent and eventually own the latest MacBook through affordable periodic payments. This payment plan grants you access to the laptop you need without requiring full payment upfront. An initial payment or processing fee is often required by rent-to-own payment options.

The rental-purchase agreement model may allow people with a moderate income to acquire costly new Apple products that may be out of their reach. The final cost of the product through a rental-purchase agreement may be higher than the cash price of the product at an Apple store, but the convenience of having access to a brand new MacBook, Apple Watch, or iMac without paying for full cash price upfront is the advantage rent-to-own agreements can offer.

Rental agreements can enable people with challenged credit history to acquire the MacBooks they’re looking for much sooner than if they had to pay for the cash price upfront.

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High costs of living have led to more Americans facing financial difficulties every year, while low credit Scores may make some customers ineligible for traditional loan options. With over 9,200 outlets in the US, the lease-to-own industry services more than 4.5 million customers each year.

The rent-to-own business model emerged in the late 1960s to be available to this underserved consumer group. Americans began turning to banks for loans to obtain costly products. Lease-to-own stores sprung up to help people obtain products, providing another source of options for those with a challenged credit history.

How Does Rent-To-Own Work for MacBooks?

The rent-to-own MacBook arrangement allows you to lease a Macbook on a rent-to-own basis. You can manage renewable rental payments and can fully acquire ownership of the computer when you pay off your agreement in full.

The average American can easily use a credit card to pay for an expensive laptop, but people without good credit may find it difficult to get approved for a credit card. With rent-to-own Macbook plans, qualified borrowers can often pay as they go with affordable, renewable rental payments as outlined in their agreement.

To enjoy the convenience of rent-to-own MacBooks, you need to understand the actual agreement terms. If you would like to own the MacBook you lease with American First Finance, you generally have three options.

Here are some example options that American First Finance offers:

  • Early Buyout Option (EBO) – save on rental fees by paying off your rent-to-own agreement in full early, often within 90 or 101 days, and own the appliance earlier.
  • Early Purchase Option (EPO) – pay off your rent-to-own agreement after the EBO but before the end of your agreement term.
  • Full payment option – pay for the appliance for the entire term of your rent-to-own agreement.
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Popularity of Rent-To-Own for MacBooks

While remote work really became popular because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears as though working from home is a trend that’s here to stay. Global Workforce Analysis estimates that more than 25 percent of the workforce will be working from home by the end of 2021. This percentage is only an estimate, but it’s likely to rise as more companies recognize the benefits of working remotely.

Access to a high-performance laptop or desktop computer is a necessity for people working from a home office, but they’re generally expensive items. Thanks to rent-to-own lease agreements, new laptops like MacBooks can be within reach without paying the full cash price upfront.

The rent-to-own MacBook option for a computer could be a good option for anyone who is looking to start working remotely but can’t afford a new Apple laptop outright. With this rent-to-own arrangement, you can access a resource that may help you succeed in your career or grow your business income.

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What Kind of MacBooks Can You Rent-To-Own?

Access to a powerful laptop computer can increase your career chances in a highly-competitive job market. Employers often require remote employees to own the appropriate devices, like a reliable laptop, which may be out of your price range. With a rent-to-own MacBook agreement, more products can become within reach.


Available Rent-to-Own MacBooks Items

Apple offers a range of desktop computers and laptops to meet users’ various needs and is the largest technology company in the world. They specialize in consumer electronics, including computers, smartphones, and iPads. A rent-to-own agreement can help you get access to Apple products such as a MacBook.

Type of MacBooks: iMac

Average Price**: $1,799 – $7,099

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Type of MacBooks: MacBook Air

Average Price**: $999 – $2,049

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Type of MacBooks: MacBook Pro

Average Price**: $1,299 – $2,799

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Type of MacBooks: Mac Pro

Average Price**: From  $5,999

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Type of MacBooks: Mac Mini

Average Price**: $699 – $1,099

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iMacs are Apple’s iconic all-in-one computing solutions for users who require a powerful but compact computer. With a price point upwards of $1,799, this MacBook is expensive but worth entering into a rent-to-own agreement to get started working from home, growing your business, or working on a passion project.

The base iMac model falls into three categories:

  • Tapered Edge Aluminum iMac – Also known as iMac slim models, these computers debuted in 2012. The latest models have superior resolutions and are known as iMac Retina.
  • iMac Pro – This model has sleek gray cases and multiple-core processors for faster performance. iMac Pro models were introduced in 2017 but were discontinued in 2021.
  • Colorful iMac – These 24-inch iMacs are the latest on the market and were released in 2021. Different from their normal space gray design, they now offer colorful aluminum cases and are powered by Apple Silicon processors.

Apple is the sole manufacturer of iMac models.

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MacBook Air

Although Apple MacBook Airs are the most affordable laptops from Apple, they’re still pretty expensive. They are worth considering if you need a powerful personal laptop.

There are two stock MacBook Air models on the market:

  • MacBook Air, seven core graphics, 256 GB – The newest MacBook Air lineup was released in 2020, and they come with M1 Chips for improved performance and solid-state drives.
  • MacBook Air 8 core graphics, 512 GB – This is a costlier version of the stock model, but it has faster speeds and performance.

MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro models are high-performance laptops for the modern-day professional and cost upwards of $1,300. These are expensive but personal computers that are worth renting through a rent-to-own agreement because of their power and capability.

Apple MacBook Pros are available in two different sizes:

  • MacBook Pro 13-inch – This wifi-capable smaller model comes with a 13-inch retina display with a 2,560 by 1,600 resolution and a scalable macOS (operating system) resolution of up to 1,680 by 1,050.
  • MacBook Pro 16-inch – This larger model has a 16-inch retina display with a 3,072 by 1,920 native resolution and the highest-scaled macOS resolution at 2,048 by 1,280.
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Apply for a Rent-To-Own MacBook Near You

If your credit score is less than 580, lenders typically categorize you as a high-risk borrower, making it difficult for you to access conventional loans. You’re likely to have a low credit score if you have unpaid loans, have filed for bankruptcy, or frequently make late payments.

Major payment option providers often sideline borrowers with poor credit histories, making it difficult to make large purchases. Without financing, people may resort to using cheap, unreliable, or inadequate products because it may not be possible for them to acquire a new one. Rent-to-own MacBooks options can improve accessibility, but the actual terms vary between merchants.

Payment option providers such as AFF help approved customers obtain MacBooks through manageable, renewable rental payments from an extensive network of rent-to-own stores. You can complete the application process in just minutes. To apply online, find a store near you and click “Apply” to fill out our brief application.

Rent-To-Own MacBooks Options in Summary

Rent-to-own MacBooks can be a lifeline for people looking to work from home but lacking the high-end technology required by some remote employers. Getting a new MacBook on a rent-to-own basis can be easier since it’s manageable through renewable rental payments.

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Apply for a Rent-to-Own MacBook Online

American First Finance (AFF) works with a vast network of rent-to-own merchants across the country to make options available to consumers with challenged credit histories which may help them get the products they desire.

We use innovative technology to simplify the application process. Qualified borrowers are approved in as soon as minutes and have access to our large merchant network.

Use our merchant tool* on the AFF website to find a store near you and complete an online application.

Rent-To-Own MacBook FAQs

The idea of a rent-to-own MacBook can be overwhelming. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions:


Q: What Does Rent-To-Own Mean?

A: Rent-to-own is a flexible payment method that can allow people with bad credit scores to access quality products without having to purchase upfront and in full. This can be an option that helps people with a challenged credit history still access products they need or want.


Q: What Credit Score Qualifies for Rent-To-Own?

A: American First Finance will check your credit, but your credit score is not the only determining factor. We consider more than just your credit score during our approval process, so there’s not a single credit rating that will ensure approval.


Q: Where’s the Best Place to Rent-To-Own MacBooks?

A: Where you’re able to shop generally depends on where you agree to a rent-to-own agreement.


Q: How Can I Apply for Rent-To-Own MacBooks?

A: You can apply for a lease-to-own payment solution right here on our website. First, select a store from our network. It is not guaranteed that all applicants will be approved, but having bad credit does not mean you will automatically be denied.


Q: Where Can I Shop for a Rent-To-Own MacBook?

A:  Where you can use your payment solution to lease to own a MacBook will depend on the company you choose to sign a contract with. If you’d like to apply with AFF to a store within our network, you can start by finding a store near you to apply online* for a decision in as soon as minutes.**