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Why did I get a charge from

If you see a charge on your account statement from, that is us, American First Finance. We help consumers like you make purchases at the point of sale or with direct bank loans that allow you to pay over time. We partner with 1,000’s of name-brand retailers throughout the United States, as well as FinWise Bank. If you see a charge from us, it is because you signed an agreement with one of our retail partners or applied for a FinWise Bank loan to make a purchase and pay over time with us, American First Finance. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Service team by calling (877) 544-0994 or start an online chat.


Frequently Asked Questions


Automatic Payments

Q: A payment was withdrawn from my account, but I did not authorize this payment.
A: American First Finance will process automatic payments for customers who authorize this feature as part of the loan agreement process through our online Customer Portal or, in some cases, over the phone with one of our agents. If you believe you have not authorized a payment that was executed by us, please refer to your agreement to verify your authorization. If you believe the payment was in error, please reach out to our Customer Service team by calling (877) 544-0994 or start an online chat.


Q: Does American First Finance offer automatic payments?
A: Yes. Customers may set up automatic, recurring payments by logging into our Customer Portal and clicking on the Set Up Auto Pay link or by calling us at (877) 544-0994. If you are not a customer yet, automatic, recurring payments can be set up when you sign your loan agreement by choosing “yes” in the ‘Payment Authorization’ section.


Payments & Fees

Q: What happens if I’m late making a payment? Are there fees?
A: Yes, you can be assessed a fee for late payments. If you opt-in to automatic payments, you don’t have to worry about remembering to make your payment. If you know you will be late making a payment, contact us to schedule an alternate payment date.


Payment Schedule

Q: What payment schedules are available?
A: Payment schedules can vary based on your agreement. Payment schedules include Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly frequencies. Refer to your agreement to determine your specific payment schedule, or contact us if you need help in finding your next payment date. Customers may request a payment frequency change to match their pay period by calling (877) 544-0994, provided the account is current and in good standing.

For changes to a monthly payment frequency, consumers must also provide sufficient documentation (i.e., bank statements, pay stubs) through email to for review and update, as applicable.

Consumers may also mail these requests for review to:

American First Finance
P.O. Box 565848
Dallas, TX 75356


Early Payoff Discount/Early Buyout

Q: What can I do if I’ve missed my early payoff discount date or early buyout date and my balance increases unexpectedly?
A: Contact our customer service department directly at (877) 544-0994. We can partner with you to set up a payment plan, explain how your balance is calculated, and let you know if you can still save some money by paying off early.


Payment Assistance & Hardship

Q: What can I do if I fall behind or experience a hardship that prevents me from making my scheduled payments?
A: Contact our customer service department directly at (877) 544-0994 to discuss payment plans. We will work with you to assist in getting you caught up and back on track.



Q: What can I do if my agreement has an error or incorrect information?
A: We will assist you in correcting any incorrect information on your agreement and make sure that your payments are properly accounted for. Call our customer service department directly at (877) 544-0994, or chat with us now.

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