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Locating tire and wheel stores that offer rent-to-own options can be challenging. Our merchant network includes some top rent-to-own tire & wheel stores to choose from.

If you’re in the market for new seasonal tires, winter tires, recreational tires, or a different tire for your vehicle, use our merchant search to find a store near you.

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Car & Truck Tires

There are several car and truck tire types to choose from when you need new tires. There’s a tire for each driving or riding type, whether all-season or passenger tires or any other type of tire you may want or need. Car and truck tires usually include all-season tires, which are meant to adequately cover most seasons and conditions, including wet weather.

Mud Tires

Mud tires are designed for driving through rough conditions that most other tires would have trouble with. They’re usually made for 4×4 vehicles and are specialty tires with specific features such as pronounced tread that helps grip in muddy conditions.

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Winter Tires

Winter tires are necessary in several states for traveling through ice or snow. These tires can be a helpful addition to navigating through harsh winter conditions. Winter tires have unique traction and usually feature more significant gaps in the tread to grip in winter weather.

Off-road Tires

Off-road tires are similar to mud tires but also offer other performance details. These tire features allow for driving in rocky areas and provide grip in several various terrains and conditions.

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Highway Tires

If you’re primarily highway driving, highway tires can be a good option, as these are tires that are made for highway driving. Highway tires are sleeker, smaller than off-roading tires, and smoother than mud tires.

Where can I find tires & wheels with a rent-to-own option?

A quick search with our store locator tool* can help you find the stores near you that offer tires and wheels with rent-to-own options available.

Tire & wheels available through rent-to-own options can be a realistic alternative for accessing the tires you need, even if you don’t have all the funds upfront. Many stores have multiple tire and wheel varieties available. They can help you find the tires you’re looking for based on what type of driving you may do, your vehicle type, or the tire category you’re interested in.

Find your local rent-to-own tire and wheels stores near you*.

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Rent-to-Own Tires & Wheels FAQs

Q: How can I apply for rent-to-own tires & wheels?

A: On our website, you can apply for a rent-to-own option to help you access the tires or wheels you are looking for. Approval is possible without a credit score, but credit may be checked.


Q: What do tire & wheel stores usually carry?

A: Tires and wheel stores or shops often carry a variety of different tires and wheels. They may carry essential accessories like a tire pump, snow chains, and other accessories needed for your tires or wheels.


Q: Where are the tires & wheels stores near me?

A: Use our handy rent-to-own tire & wheel store locator * to find tire & wheel store options near you. Remember, the best options for you for tire & wheel stores are the ones that satisfy your needs as a customer and carry the tires or wheels you’re looking for.


Q: What credit score qualifies for rent-to-own?

A: There are many options for rent-to-own tires and wheels. Our website allows you to apply for tire and wheel payment solutions. Not everyone will be approved; bad credit does not automatically mean you’ll be turned down. Although your credit may be checked, a low credit score does not automatically disqualify you. First, find a store near you*, and you can apply directly in minutes.