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Pawn shops can be a helpful option if you’re in the market for items like fine jewelry, gaming consoles, sporting goods, gaming devices, and more. Our network of merchant partners includes some top pawn shop locations to choose from.

Pawn Shops by State

Pawnbrokers or pawn shops, in general, are available in nearly all fifty states. In fact, there may be a pawn shop close to where you live. Of course, larger metropolitan areas may offer more of a variety or number of pawn shops.

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What do pawn shops buy/sell?

Pawn shops buy and sell all sorts of products – but will vary based on the pawn store you visit. Some of the items that pawn shops routinely buy or sell may fall into one of these categories. Please note – not all pawn shops offer these products, which will vary by company and location:

handshaking and trading collectibles and jewelry with money
  • Accessories
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Art & Collectibles
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sporting Goods
  • Power Tools
  • Video Consoles

Fine Jewelry

Some say, buying or purchasing fine jewelry at a pawn shop could have several benefits. First, fine jewelry is something many pawn shops carry. If you’re lucky, you may find jewelry section of your local pawn shop is a good place to find one-of-a-kind rings, earrings, or other unique jewelry pieces.

diamond engagement rings in display case


Gold may be able to be pawned at a pawn shop; check with your local pawn shop or pawnbroker to see if they pawn gold, or if they have gold available for purchase. Something to be mindful of though, is that pawn shops seem to prefer taking in real gold as opposed to gold plated jewelry, which has a much lower percentage of gold than actual gold.

gold watch and jewelry


Electronics are a popular category among pawn shops, as they are in demand, and many people want them for entertainment or work. They also are one of the categories that may pay more if you’re pawning an electronic item like a laptop, PS5, or something else in high-demand.

person typing on laptop

Power Tools

Tools also tend to be a consistent category at pawn shops. If you’re looking for a little cash, your tools can be a good place to start if you’re considering pawning an item. With any luck, you may be able to find parts or that old tool that’s no longer in circulation to add to your collection.

Some tools that some pawn shops may carry include lawn equipment (hedgers or other sorts of lawn maintenance tools) or other hand-held tools like saws or sanders.

electric saws and earphone and drill


Some pawn shops have a variety of guitars and other musical instruments to choose from. One of the reasons guitars may seem to be available at many pawn shops could be because they are often cheaper than most other musical instruments. Purchasing a guitar at a pawn shop could help you get a guitar at a lower price than buying a new.

young woman playing guitar and laughing


Collectibles are another item that a pawn shop may take for a pawn loan. What each pawn shop or pawnbroker may take for a pawn loan may be limited to specific types of collectibles; check in with the pawn shop near you for guidance. But don’t automatically discount art, coins or other collectibles if you’re considering pawning an item you own or looking to add to your collection.

collectibles and animal figurines

What are the best pawn shops?

There is no one answer when it comes to the best pawn shop; the best pawn shop is the one that is most suitable to your needs and what you’re looking to pawn or purchase from a pawn shop.

Are you looking for a selection of laptops or sporting equipment? What about gaming consoles or collectibles? Or are you more interested in a selection of fine jewelry or power tools? Thinking about what your goals help determine which pawn shop is best for you. Whether you’re purchasing an item like a guitar or pawning an item for a pawn loan, what you’d like to purchase or trade in for a pawn loan will determine the best pawn shop for you.

Some pawn stores specialize in fine jewelry, electronics (like laptops), art, collectibles, sporting equipment, and even musical instruments. And, if it’s good enough for professional musicians to create music with pawn shop instruments, maybe there’s hope for the rest of us too.

cameras being displayed on red carpet

Pawn Shop Locator & Summary

As we learned, pawn shops can be a good way to buy items at a reduced price. Pawn shops may have products across different categories like electronics, fine jewelry, musical instruments, and sporting goods to name only a few.

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Pawn Shop FAQs

Q: What do pawn shops pay the most for?

A: The answer varies from pawn shop to pawn shop, and region – as some areas have more purchasers or interest in specific categories, like video consoles, fine jewelry or sporting goods than others depending upon their location.

If you’re interested in what categories or brands pawn shops may pay a higher dollar amount, it might be wise to call or stop in a pawn shop near you to ask about some of the more popular items the pawn shop sells.


Q: What do pawn shops usually buy?

A: Pawn shops usually buy products that are in the basic categories of electronics, fine jewelry, musical instruments, and sporting goods, but each pawn shop may have other categories that they may consider purchasing.

Some pawn shops take specialty items too, but that’s dependent upon the shop. You may want to check in and research or ask before considering pawning an item for a pawn loan that does not fit into one of the categories above.

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Q: What are the best pawn shops near me?

A: The best pawn shops near you are the ones that satisfy your need as a seller or a purchaser – and either have the product you’re looking for, or the pawn shop is willing to purchase your item from you in exchange for a small pawn loan.

If you’re looking to start pawning your item(s) or have an item you want to purchase, you can use our handy pawn shop locator* to find a pawn shop near you.