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American First Finance is your best solution for customers that need flexibility.

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We can approve up to 80% of consumers, and offer a world class customer service experience. In some cases, even higher. The only way to find out is to give us a try!

It's All About Closing

What helps you close out the deal? Affordable payments, affordable cost of ownership, no money down... Early payment options can also save your customers money when they pay off within their early payment option period. The list goes on with American First Finance.

Sell Again and Again

Open to buy? Available approval? Whatever we call it, with American First Finance, customers can do multiple deals with one approval. No new application required.


Today, the market is saturated with an estimated 43 internet-based 12-month "Lease-To-Own" (LTO) programs. Many approve only 50% of the applicant’s income with a maximum around $3,500. Most are 12-month terms with the same pricing models. Why get the same flavor of vanilla when customers are always looking for something better and more exciting? Use American First Finance as a competitive advantage that can impact your bottom line.
American First Finance solves this problem by approving up to 120% of the applicant's income, up to $5,000.


APPLICANT: $3,000 in Monthly Income

Typical Lease to Own Program

50% Max Approval of Income

American First Finance Programs

Up to 120% Max Approval of Income

Difference in Approval Potential

$2,100 Almost Double!


So, higher approvals are great, right? They let you get the things you really want. Absolutely. But high approvals are only half of the equation. Time to talk terms and payments.

STEP TWO – Payment Amounts

Most programs cap the term at 12 months which means that’s the maximum time you have to pay if you want to own. This can drive the payment up higher and make it less likely the customer will buy the higher ticket items they want and need. With American First Finance get up to 24 months. Here’s a good illustration:


Typical 12 Month Lease to Own Pgm.

Estimated Monthly Payment

24 Month American First Finance

Lower Estimated Monthly Payment

Difference in Payments

Difference in Monthly Payment Amount


“You Got the POWER” – The Power to Shop!

When we say “Buying POWER” at American First Finance, our program walks the walk. We mean it for customers and merchants. Not only do we provide high approval amounts but also longer terms with lower payments to drive the ideal purchases.


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