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Credit and Reporting

Got questions? We have answers. Find answers to frequently asked questions about our credit and reporting below.



Credit Bureaus


Q: How often do credit bureaus update?

A: It varies, depending upon the type of information received. Generally, though, customers can see an update* from the credit bureaus within 30-45 days.



American First Finance + Credit Reporting


Q: Does American First Finance report to credit bureaus?

A: Yes, we send updates to credit bureaus once a month. All product types are reported to credit bureaus except for new Lease-to-Own accounts, effective January 1, 2024. American First Finance will no longer report to the credit bureaus for any lease-to-own accounts opened through American First Finance on or after this date. American First Finance will continue to report to credit bureaus for any lease-to-own accounts opened before this day that were previously reported on. This change does not impact AZ, CA, and FL, given that credit reporting for lease-to-own accounts originated in these states has been previously discontinued.


Q: What credit bureaus does American First Finance report to?

A: We report to TransUnion, Clarity Services, Inc., and Data X, Ltd***. Because of this, your account with American First Finance will not show up on your Experian or Equifax credit report.


Q: Does American First Finance do a soft credit or hard credit check?

A: American First Finance currently does both soft and hard credit checks.
If you submit an application, and you re-submit within a 30-day window, we will not recheck your credit.


Q: Does American First Finance help your credit score?

A: American First Finance does not have direct control over helping improve a customer’s credit score and is not a credit reporting agency. However, American First Finance reports* customer payment history to credit bureaus once a month and on-time payments may build credit history.**


Q: How often does American First Finance report to credit bureaus?

A: American First Finance reports* to credit bureaus once a month.



American First Finance + Credit Scores


Q: Does American First Finance check credit?

A: Yes. But while we check credit, we also consider other factors when making a decision, such as payment history and other attributes.


Q: What are American First Finance’s credit score requirements?

A: There are no credit score requirements to apply to American First Finance.

We are a “No Credit Needed^” company, and that means you may be approved even with a poor or no credit history. If you have no credit or poor credit, you may be approved, but we will check credit, even though credit score is not the sole consideration for qualification.


Q: How does American First Finance decide if you qualify for credit?

A: We take into consideration more than just your credit history or credit score when making decisions. There are several factors that we look at when making decisions for approval.


Q: Can I still be approved if I have bad credit?

A: Yes, it’s possible to be approved, even with poor credit or no credit. American First Finance looks at several factors beyond credit score during the decisioning process.


Q: Can I be approved with no credit history?

A: Yes, just like with bad credit, it’s possible to be approved without a credit score, as we take into consideration other factors beyond just credit score during our decisioning process.



Credit Bureau + Credit Management


Q: How do I report identity theft to the credit bureaus?

A: Identity theft, unfortunately, happens, even when taking all the steps to protect your identity. If you suspect identity theft is at play, contact the credit bureaus. Contact information for the credit bureaus can be found here.

Additionally, consumers may also report identity theft directly with American First Finance by contacting the customer service team. Another option is to download the Identity Theft Affidavit, and after filling the form out send it to the address listed on our Contact Us page for review.


Q: How do I file a dispute with a credit bureau?

A: Credit disputes should be submitted to each credit bureau, contacting them either via their website or consumer phone line.*

transunion logo
TransUnion Consumer Solutions
(833) 395-6941

Clarity Services Inc a part of Experian logo
Clarity Services, Inc., A part of Experian Consumer Support Division
(866) 390-3118

DataX an Equifax Company logo
DataX, an Equifax Company, Consumer Reporting Division
(800) 295-4790

Alternatively, you may also file a dispute with American First Finance either verbally, by contacting our customer service team, or in writing.

As a note, if you choose to file a dispute with the credit bureau through American First Finance, this information is necessary to help you with the dispute:

  1. Information on what is being disputed,
  2. Why the information is being disputed,
  3. Any documentation that support the dispute.


Q: How do I update incorrect credit bureau information?

A: If you believe the credit bureaus have incorrect information, updates should be submitted to each credit bureau, contacting them either via their website or consumer phone line.

Alternatively, you may report incorrect information with American First Finance either verbally, by calling our customer service team, or in writing to the address on our Contact Us page.


Q: If you pay off American First Finance does it automatically close your account?

A: Accounts that are paid off in full are reported as closed or paid in full, but it does not close your account. You will still be able to log in and view your customer dashboard, and you will continue to have access to your customer dashboard even after your current loan or other alternative payment option is paid in full.