When Does Furniture Generally Go On Sale?

Buying furniture to give your home an aesthetic, cozy feeling can be fun, but it can also get costly quickly. Timing your purchases to seasons when furniture goes on sale can save you a lot of money. When stores want to stock new products, they generally sell older versions for reduced prices, so this would be the best time to visit these stores and revamp your living space. This article will guide you on the seasons when furniture goes on sale to help you furnish your house on a budget.

When Furniture Generally Goes on Sale?

Here are some of the times during which furniture usually goes on sale:

1. Summer and Winter Seasons

Furniture stores typically operate on a biannual schedule – they stock new items twice a year. Stores usually stock new indoor furniture during the spring and fall seasons, so they will likely hold furniture sales in January and June to make room for the latest stock. If you want to buy indoor furniture for your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, consider visiting a store towards the end of winter, between January and February, or the end of summer, between July and August.

To sweeten the deal, visit the furniture store during a public holiday, like the Fourth of July, Labor Day, or President’s Day, because they may likely offer major deals then. The late summer is also a great time to buy patio furniture at low prices. If you’re looking for patio or outdoor furniture on sale, these seasons would be an excellent time to shop.


2. Black Friday

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving celebrations—it’s a day typically known for huge discounts and deals in various stores, including furniture stores. Retailers may even open early on Black Friday to attract customers, which you can use to your advantage. On the next Black Friday, consider visiting various furniture stores to get the big-ticket items you want to make your living room or another room come together.

3. Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday. While physical stores usually offer promotions during Black Friday, online stores offer sales and discounts on Cyber Monday. If you’re an online shopper, consider visiting your favorite online furniture stores and identifying pieces you like. The best parts about online shopping include avoiding overcrowded stores and comparing prices of items from the comfort of your home.

4. Holiday Weekends

Furniture retailers will likely give discounts and good deals during holiday weekends to attract customers. A good holiday weekend to watch is Super Saturday or the Saturday right before Christmas. Stores may offer significant discounts and may add free shipping for online purchases, making this holiday season an excellent time to grab your credit cards or consider alternative payment solutions to access various furniture styles and pieces.

5. The New Year

Some retailers and big-box stores give discounts and sales on New Year’s Day. Use the new year’s energy to inspire you to clear out old items and buy new furniture to freshen up your living spaces with your existing furniture. Whether you have a home office and want to upgrade your office furniture or have a living space that needs sprucing, shopping at the beginning of the year can help you get new furniture at the best prices.

6. Memorial Day

Retailers may offer good deals on furniture and decor during Memorial Day, which may last all weekend. Memorial Day is one of the biggest shopping holidays because of all the sales companies offer. You can find patio sets, indoor furniture, home decor items, mattresses, and appliances on sale during this holiday. If you want to give your home a new style, this may be a good time to invest in some essential pieces.

7. Back-to-school period

If you have a home office or a study desk that needs upgrading, the back-to-school period is a great time to buy furniture. Office items like stationery, laptops, and electronics usually go on sale during this time, making it the best time to buy office furniture. You may also get lucky and find offers on other indoor and outdoor furniture items during this time.

Throughout the year, you’ll likely find a sale or a significant discount on a furniture piece that elevates your home. If you keep various holiday seasons and company-held sales in mind, you may be able to plan for sales that allow you to buy furniture while saving money!