Wheel & Tire Financing with Bad Credit

Financing wheels & tires with bad credit have given more options to consumers than ever before. This financial tool can help make obtaining the wheels and tires you need more realistic, even with less-than-stellar credit history. Here are some essential aspects of bad credit wheel & tire financing:

  • What Exactly Is Bad Credit Wheel & Tire Financing?
  • Does “No Credit Check” Mean the Same as “No Credit Needed”?
  • Where is Wheel & Tire Financing for Bad Credit Available?
  • Who Can Get Wheel & Tire Financing, and How Do I Apply?
  • FAQs About Bad Credit Wheel & Tire Financing

Bad Credit Wheel & Tire Financing – What Is It?

A decade ago, replacing a damaged rim and four new tires on the fancy end would have cost less than $1,000. As custom wheels and tires became increasingly popular, they also became more expensive.

Today, the average set of 20″ rims and off-road tires for a Jeep or pick-up truck can easily cost thousands of dollars. Adding a 5th wheel and tire as an emergency spare will bring that figure up even further. For most owners, this is not a realistic expense to cover without obtaining some type of outside financing. Fortunately, wheel, tire, and rim financing options are available to help consumers access the products they need, even if they don’t have good credit.

No Credit Check vs. No Credit Needed for Wheel & Tire Financing

While they may sound similar, “no credit check” and “no credit needed” is not the same when it comes to applying for financing. In order to be an educated consumer, it’s essential to know the differences and how they may impact your credit history.

  • No Credit Check is when someone’s credit will not be pulled in the process of finding lending for a new appliance.
  • No Credit Needed refers to the fact that your credit score may be checked, but there are other factors that are part of the approval requirements.
mechanic checking tire on car

You might be wondering: Is a lease the same as a loan?

Leases & loans are quite different – here’s what you need to know:

  • A loan (or personal loan) is generally a lump sum of funds provided on the recipient’s behalf that is paid back over time (and, like most loans, includes interest.)
  • A lease (or rent-to-own option) allows the recipient to possess the leased item for a pre-determined period of time and includes the option to purchase the item outright. It does not include interest but has leasing fees.

A lender that uses alternative methods of evaluating borrowers besides credit scores may advertise no credit checks and rely on different factors instead. That being said, a lender still must evaluate a borrower for creditworthiness. If you happen to see no credit check advertised as part of an in-house financing program, it’s worth asking questions and taking a closer look before signing any agreements.

No credit needed is a more widely used phrase by alternative lenders and serves as an invitation for consumers who have bad credit or no credit to apply for financing regardless of their credit history. To provide consumers with greater flexibility than traditional banks and credit unions, alternative lenders consider other factors when evaluating borrower eligibility. While your credit history will still be pulled through a hard inquiry and reviewed, it is only one factor that is considered instead of the main factor.

What Kind of Wheels & Tires Can Be Financed with Bad Credit?

Almost any wheel, rim, or tire on the market today can be financed, regardless of bad credit. Alternative lenders can provide financing options for wheel and tire purchases for those who qualify.

The wheel and tire you choose will ultimately depend on what kind of vehicle you have. For example, sports cars and luxury European models tend to come standard with 18” low-profile run-flat tires, whereas Jeeps and pick-up truck owners like the 20” off-road appearance. On the other hand, standard sedans, compact cars, crossovers, SUVs, and minivans will most likely have 16” all-season tires.

Regardless of your needs, with the right lender, financing options might be available to help you get your vehicle a new set of shoes this season.


Here are some brands on the market today:

Tire Brand: Nitto

Average Price**: $450

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Tire Brand: Pirelli

Average Price**: $200

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Tire Brand: Michelin

Average Price**: $150

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Tire Brand: Bridgestone

Average Price**: $115

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Tire Brand: Cooper

Average Price**: $130

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Nitto has made a solid name for itself over the last five years with its best-selling Trail Grappler, Dune Grappler, Mud Grappler, and Ridge Grappler tires for Jeep and Truck enthusiasts who want that rugged off-road appearance.

Today, many popular vehicles sit on larger 20” rims to better suit the large wheel wells after leveling or lift kits are installed. Unfortunately, bigger rims mean bigger tires, and bigger tires are more expensive. A complete set of Nitto tires, including the fifth tire for a spare, will run approximately $2,250 plus tax. Fortunately, the tires are rated for 65,000 miles once you have them. Nitto recommends replacing the tires at 65,000 miles or ten years, whichever happens, to come first.


Pirelli is one of the oldest tire manufacturers globally and has been a long-time favorite of motorsports and car manufacturers. What used to be exclusive to high-performance vehicles, Pirelli now offers tires in all sizes for every style of vehicle on the market today. However, due to their higher cost, a complete set of tires can run upwards of $1,000, depending on the size and model. While Pirelli tires won’t be the cheapest, they earn a spot on all of the “Best Rated” lists and offer reliability that is hard to find.

Tires Pile Up In Tire Shop


Michelin is one of the top tire manufacturers in the United States, and it doesn’t take a lot of digging to figure out why. No matter which type of vehicle you have or the tire you’re looking for, it’s guaranteed there will be a highly-rated Michelin for it.

All Michelin tires go through rigorous testing for consumer models and sport some of the most extended treadwear warranties of any tire company today. In addition, the noteworthy Michelin Energy Saver A/S tops many lists for being the most fuel-efficient tire in the industry.

Coming in slightly cheaper than Pirelli, a complete tire package of Michelin tires can set you back approximately $800-$1,000, depending on tire size and model. However, you can be sure your dollars are well spent gaining durable, high-quality tires for years to come.

Where Can I Use Bad Credit Wheel & Tire Financing?

We partner with auto-repair shops, retail distributors, and other tire and wheel vendors around the country to make financing wheels & tires possible across the country. To find our partner store locations near you that offer & accept financing, please visit our merchant search tool*.

The Popularity of Financing Wheels & Tires

Alternative financing methods have steadily grown in popularity over the last several years. Borrowers who would typically be considered low-quality and high-risk by conventional lenders now find themselves with more flexible payment options thanks to alternative lenders.

As a whole, alternative lenders offer potential borrowers who cannot qualify for traditional financing through a bank or credit union a way to access funding for desired products or services. In addition, eligibility criteria for financing are less strict and consider several factors other than credit score for approval determinations.

Previously, customers could purchase wheels and tires through retailer programs like layaway, where a customer would pay the retailer in incremental monthly payments until the purchase was paid in full. Then, the retailer would maintain possession of the items until they were paid off. That worked if there wasn’t an immediate need for an item but it was quite the hassle if a vehicle wasn’t driveable until a new wheel and tire were purchased as a replacement.

Bad Credit Wheel & Tire Financing in Summary

With the growth of alternative lenders and merchant financing, wheel, and tire purchases or emergency repairs are no longer out of reach for those who cannot afford to foot the bill in cash. Luckily, the stigma of only obtaining financing with an immaculate credit report has also been dismantled.

While a bad credit score or tarnished credit history can be improved through responsible borrowing habits, it does take time to see results. In addition, obtaining outside financing for wheels and tires through alternative lending pathways may seem complicated. Still, it can be the helping hand they need to get back on the right track financially for those with bad credit and limited options.

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Wheel & Tire Financing with Bad Credit FAQs

Navigating and understanding financial terms and conditions can be difficult. Having questions is expected, so we’ve put together the most commonly asked questions and answers to help you search for wheel and tire financing.


Q: What Qualifies as “Bad Credit” Financing?

A: Bad credit financing refers to lending a borrower money or extending credit even with a poor credit score determined by their credit score. Typically, bad credit financing uses alternative methods, such as pay-as-you-go plans which can help borrowers with bad credit secure financing.


Q: What Credit Score Is Required to Get Financing?

A: In some cases, lenders want a potential borrower to have a credit score of at least 671 or higher, according to Bankrate. Any credit score under 670 is considered fair, and below 580 is poor, but each payment solution provider can determine their terms of approval.


Q: Where’s the Best Place to Finance Wheels & Tires?

A: To finance your new wheels & tires, you can use a credit card, find a pay-as-you-go plan, seek in-house financing, or use a payment solution offered by a reputable company. Most of the listed payment options do include a credit check, so be sure to understand all details before applying.


Q: How Can I Finance Wheels & Tires With Bad Credit?

A: You can apply for furniture financing right here on our website in minutes. Not everyone will be approved, but having bad credit doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be denied. Your credit may be checked, but having a less-than-perfect credit history doesn’t necessarily disqualify you. To begin, select your preferred furniture store near you.*


Q: Where Can I Use My Wheel & Tire Financing if Approved?

A: Where you can use your financing to purchase wheels & tires will depend on the company you choose to sign a contract with. Always be sure to gather all the helpful information you need before agreeing to a contract.