1. You certify that all information I have provided on this application or in connection is true, correct, and complete;
  2. You understand and agree Compass Test Dealer and/or American First Finance may contact any person or company listed for information about me and I fully release all parties from all liability for any damage that may result;
  3. You understand that this application is subject to approval;
  4. You understand and agree that Compass Test Dealer and/or American First Finance may obtain a consumer report in connection with (a) my application, (b) any updated, renewals or extensions of any transaction as a result of my application or other transaction hereto related;
  5. You understand that American First Finance will process a card authorization transaction to validate the card(s) listed on my application;
  6. As part of our information collection process, we may detect additional bank accounts under the ownership of the consumer. We will consider these additional accounts to be part of the application process. By applying, you authorize us to search for and evaluate bank accounts under your ownership for this purpose.
  7. You understand that if I ask, I will be informed whether or not such a report was obtained and, if so, the name and address of the agency that furnished the report and
  8. American First Finance may contact you via email to any email address associated with your account, unless prohibited by law.